This year, Southwestern Adventist University celebrates a momentous occasion - one hundred twenty years of quality, Christian education.  You have chosen to spend this school year with us and thus have become entwined with a part of a wonderful and special heritage.

Some of you are second and possibly third generation students who may have already been inundated with the "culture" of Keene.  You have heard the stories of your family's past that have shown the Almighty's hand at work. Now you are here to not only be part of a familial sequel, but more importantly to forge ahead and partner with peers and mentors to create your very own success story. Thank you for the privilege that you have given us to add a chapter to ancestral lore.

Then there are those of you who have traveled a different path.  You have left the comforts of friendly confines and the known to explore the unchartered and the unknown.   Here, in this place and in this time, your road converges with many others who are looking for that something special and significant.  Your step out in faith is commended.  I pray that the investment that you have made and continue to make will repay you many fold through rewarding experiences in your university life.  Thank you for giving us a chance to make our home, your home.

And to those of you who are seeing the end in sight, whether you are coming into the station or changing tracks, I challenge you to finish strong.  Enjoy this latter part of your journey.  Stay focused, but allow yourself time to savor the moments. Remember to soak in the Son and use Him that has promised to "bring all things to glorious completion" as you head down the home stretch. Thank you for making us a better place because you have graced us with your presence. 

Let the celebration begin!


All in Him,

James The

Student Services

We are a community engaged in the intentional development of our students' mental, spiritual, physical and social lives. Not content with marginal performance or careless living, we seek to provide a healthy environment that encourages students to reach their fullest potential. In support of this, we are committed to providing Southwestern's students with:

  • Advice and guidance as they assume increasing responsibility for their lives
  • Welcoming residential students through providing quality housing and dining
  • Adequate student health care as well as an environment that is conducive to good health
  • Activities and programming that exposes students to important ideas, and encourages cultural development and spiritual maturation
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills through student government, clubs, and other organizations
  • Positive community life that encourages all students to reach their God-given potential for good and for service.

Areas of supervision and oversight include

  • Athletics 
  • Intramurals 
  • Campus Recreation
  • Career and Personal Counseling
  • Health Services
  • Residential Life
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Association Activities

The Student Services Department is assisted by

  • Director of Counseling and Outreach
  • Director of Students with Disabilities
  • Director of Intramurals
  • Residence Hall Deans