Southwestern Adventist University welcomes you to Hoops Classic 2017.  It is a privilege to have you on our campus as your basketball acumen and skills take center stage.  Take advantage of being in the limelight.  Dazzle us with the impossible.  But as you continually elevate your game, I pray that you stay grounded and true to the One that has brought you to the 22nd Annual. May we become fans of you, not just of your game.  May we be impressed by your life, not necessarily your style.  And may He, who began a good work in you bring it to completion, not as you hoist the hardware, but at the very day of Christ Jesus.

Jan. 25 - 28, 2017

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January 25-28, 2017

Schedule of Events


We would love to give you a tour of our campus.  Please contact Tina at 817-202-7366 ahead of time to set up an appointment.  Thanks.


January 25 - Wednesday:

Welcome to Southwestern!

2:40 PM                      Games begin

11:30 PM                    Gym closes


January 26 - Thursday:                               

7:00 AM                     Games begin

7:30 PM                      Saxophone Recital – Wharton Auditorium, Mabee Center

11:30 PM                    Gym Closes


January 27 - Friday: 

7:00 AM                      Games begin  

4:00 PM                      Gym Closes   

6:15 PM                      Supper in Gym (for teams)    

7:30 PM                      Friday Night Worship (Vespers) in Keene Church


January 28- Sabbath:

10:00 AM                  Middle Service – Keene Church Fellowship Hall

11:30 AM                  Church - Keene Church

1:00-2:00 PM             Lunch in gym (for teams)

2:30 PM                     Tournament Church Service - Keene Church

5:45 PM                      Vespers – in gyms

6:15 PM                      Gym opens to public

6:30 PM                      Games begin

                                    Games end, awards ceremony                                            

                                    Gym closes