Dear Participant:

Even after all this time it is still hard to fathom how, once a year, forty plus teams converge upon Old Betsy to create some lasting memories on the hardwood.  This year, the Lady Knights, the Eagles, the Lady Tigers and the Lions take to the floor to defend their respective titles. Other teams chase their own dreams of making it to or returning to the pinnacle.  Blessings to you as you pursue championship glory. 

I am reminded of a commercial that aired during one of the previous Olympic Games. The message was this – Clear your mind and your game will follow. I am certain that many of your coaches have sent this message to you in one form or another.   The pace will at times get frenetic, the pressures may mount, and the tasks may seem heavy, but know you have been built by the Almighty for a time such as this.  Take a moment before each day, each game, to be still and know that you are, because He is.  Relax, enjoy yourself, make new friends for life, DO work, put on a show and provide us with this year's magical moments to add to the album of Hoops Classic lore.

This year, we'll do our best to not turn off the lights till the party's over.  Welcome to the 19th Annual Hoops Classic at Southwestern Adventist University. 


All in Him,


James The

Vice President for Student Services

20th Annual
Hoops Classic

Jan. 28 - 31, 2015


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