Welcome to the 48 teams joining us this weekend for Hoops Classic 2019! Follow the games and plays on Twitter, plus live-streaming, and action photos


Happy New Year and welcome to Hoops Classic once more.

We are anxiously waiting and excited for what's in store.

Is this the year you add to magical hardwood lore?

In hopes the board shows your team ahead in the final score.

The Lady Panthers and Lady Tigers look to run the table and three-peat.

Will the others rise to the challenge and compete?

The whistle will blow and the games will commence.

Do the Eagles and Lions have what it takes in their title defense?

Dribble, drive, shoot the step-back three.

Make sure the game is about WE, not all about me.

Hustle, rebound, defend the back door.

Best wishes and accolades in SWAU's Twenty-Four.


                                                          In Him we play,

                                                                James The

                                                                                          Vice President for Student Services

Jan. 23 - 26, 2019

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