Student Services Dean The's Letter

Welcome to Southwestern Adventist University!

Thank you for choosing us to begin and/or advance your collegiate endeavors.  As you start this year, ask yourself – What is holding you back? One answer I seem to always come up with is junk, literal and proverbial.  Does the past keep you from moving forward?  Do the items in your ‘backpack' weigh you down? Are you attached for all the wrong reasons? 


Our theme this year is, Simplify.  Hebrews 12:1-2 tells us to take action so that we can press ahead.  We can do things that will allow us to move in a healthy and positive direction.  Take heart and act – throw off, set aside – that which keeps us stuck in the starting blocks.  Fix your eyes and run – toward the finish line. 


A popular song in the early ‘90s, way before your time, had the following lyrics -

Don't wanna wait til tomorrow

Why put it off another day?

Catch this magic moment

Right here and now

It means everything

Tell me, what are you waiting for?

Turn this thing around


This year, remove the baggage, release the guilt and race unabashedly.  Run the course that the Almighty has orchestrated for you since the days of your youth. As in the days of Joshua, set yourself apart from all that holds you back – for this is the year – God will do great and mighty things in and for you at SWAU.


Let's Go Knights!!!


James The

Vice President for Student Services