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Canada Short Article - Student Services

            For spring break, students typically choose a warm, sunny place to relax and get a tan. So naturally, the first question Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) student-athletes and sponsors received upon arrival at sister school Canadian University College (CUC) was, "why did you decide to come to cold, snowy Canada during your spring break?" With a plethora of reasons but one mission in mind, a group of 62 student-athletes and sponsors from SWAU traveled to Lacombe, Alberta in Canada on March 13th, 2014. For the next ten days, SWAU athletes would compete against CUC, Ambrose University College, and other teams in men's and women's basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer. The theme for the group and worship was, "What Is Your Name?" The mission was to represent God, SWAU, and each family well on and off the court. The hope was to win games. To their surprise, the sojourners from the South were able to do all of that and much more.

            The Texas vacationers participated in service projects at two local elementary schools by running sports' clinics and helping with tutoring, and by creating a fun-day. At one school, local students performed traditional dances and mimes thereby enriching the visitors' experience. Travelers also had the privilege to sight-see or ski at one of Canada's premier national parks, Banff. Some even tried Canada's popular food, poutine, while others bought maple syrup to take home to grandma. However, prior to all the fun, students and sponsors put in work on the court, field, and even in the kitchen. According to Lizzeth Jimenez, one of the Lady Knight Soccer players, "the trip was tiring because we had something planned everyday but it was fun!" Each sport had victories to celebrate, whether it was one set or back-to-back games. Apparently, it was worth the cold.