Welcome to the 58 teams joining us this weekend for Hoops Classic 2020! Follow the games and plays on Twitter, plus live-streaming, and action photos


It started with less than a dozen in ‘96

This Classic enters play with 58 in the mix


All vying to dethrone San Gabriel from the land of So Cal

To stop Forest Lake in a Battle Royale


To halt Macedonian in its run up from the Valley Grande

And to displace Miami Union from the victor's stand


Your mission is set and it's absolutely clear

After all it is 2020 and everyone envisions starring in a new premiere


Hope you've prepared, been tested and tried

Now you must play on all cylinders and hit your stride


I pray your game speaks volumes as you hone your craft

Remember to add the name, Christian, as you stamp your undeniable autograph


A big Texas welcome as you hoop in the 25th

May the talents God loaned you be legendary and not just a myth


                                                                                     In Him we play,


                                                                            James The

                                                                                                     Vice President for Student Services


Jan. 22 - 25, 2020

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Southwestern Adventist University

Hoops Classic

Statement of Purpose

  1. To develop Christ-like character through a quality athletic program, with attention given to fellowship, respect for opponents, level of play and competitive and recreational fun. 
  2. To allow for participation that will be conducted in such a manner as to emphasize the learning of athletic skills and sportsmanship.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the development of character, self-respect, social grace, physical dexterity and personal discipline on and off the court of play.
  4. To promote the concepts of teamwork, fair play and the ideals of service to each other as team members and service to the community at large.

Student Athlete

Southwestern Adventist University – Hoops Classic – is committed in the development process of the student athlete – physical, mental, social and spiritual.  The student athlete is an individual who can compete in any setting with the elements of fairness,  courteous behavior and gracious acceptance of both individual and contest results.

Sportsmanship Code

May our tournament participants exemplify humbleness in victory and graciousness in defeat.  Let our program be known for the highest level of competition and great sportsmanship.

Each program representative (coach/player/parent/sponsor) is expected to follow these guidelines:

  1. Language should be such that it will reflect favorably on the program and its participants
  2. Consider all opponents as guests – treating them with mutual respect and common courtesy.
  3. Game officials and scoring table personnel are to be accorded respect at all times.
  4. Skill in performance, regardless of who it is or what team he/she plays for, should be recognized and appreciated.
  5. Booing and/or other negative remarks/behavior will not be tolerated.

Division Play

Plan travel accordingly (Games played in Burleson as well as in Keene)

Round Robin play might include cross bracket matchups (3 games)

Teams finishing in 1st seed will begin playoffs on Friday morning

Play-in games to be played on Thursday evening if deemed necessary

Two teams in the same division, who have already faced each other in round robin play, have the opportunity to play each other again during the playoff/consolation games


Facility Notes

NO practice basketballs will be distributed before game time and/or during warm-ups.

Teams need to make provisions for own equipment, first aid supplies, tape, pre-wrap, water, etc.




Games Played / Saturday Night Finals Round

All teams will play a minimum of five games.  All teams will play at least one game on Friday & one on Saturday night. Final places 1-4 will be determined by games played.


Game Regulations

Standard High School

8 minute stop clock / No shot clock (it is in the spirit of tournament competition that excessive delays/deliberate slow play is strongly discouraged). It is the coordinators and game officials prerogative to dictate tempo of play.

2 - full and 1 - 30 second timeouts.

4 minute overtime period + additional time out.  Bonus on seventh foul per half.

Clock will run during stoppage of play in games where leads are at or over 20 points until the lead has been cut to 10 points or less – during second half only.

Tournament official and court supervisors will determine if above such rule will apply during play-in and playoff games.

If needed, due to class conflicts of college staffing, the home team (team listed last) will provide the scorer's table with an official time/score keeper

Technical foul will be assessed to head coach by officials if team roster is not at the scorer's table by half-time of the previous game.



Tournament officials (referees and coordinator) reserve the right to disqualify any player, coach, sponsor, parent, fan, etc. in regard to play and/or attitude.  Disqualification can be for remainder of game, next game and/or remainder of the tournament depending on the situation(s).


All Tournament, Most Outstanding Player Selection(s), Spirit Award

A Most Outstanding Player of the respective championship and 3rd/4th place games will be awarded during the close of games

Coach's Award – presented to the coach/coaching staff/sponsors whose team/program exemplifies mental and physical preparedness, a competitive and cooperative spirit,  a character of sportsmanship in attitude and action and a teachable and nurturing approach in the realm of positive leadership

Spirit Award – presented to an individual or team in relationship to team play, cooperative effort, sportsmanship, attitude and action embodying the true spirit and essence of the game.


Tie Breakers

1. Two Teams Tied Head to Head
2. Three Teams Tied If one team has beaten both teams -- that team gets the first seed and the other two teams go to head to head results for subsequent seeding.
3. Three Teams Tied A beats B, B beats C and C beats A
Point differential will determine the first seed. If the remaining two teams have the same point differential scores, head to head will determine the subsequent seeding.
4. Three Teams Tied A beats B, B beats C and C beats A
If point differential scores are the same, point differential against common opponents, (maximum of 25 points), will determine the seeding.

The tournament coordinator, with assistance from designated officials will determine seeding and opponents in reference to play-in and playoff games' implications.


Game Location

Thank you for making the necessary adjustments to get to and from the different venues. We realize that because of venue changes your team may not be able to watch your opposite gender's game in its entirety. Also, please keep in mind that both your schools' teams could play simultaneously. If it does happen, be prepared for this scenario -- coaching and transportation.

Play-in, playoff and consolation game venues could change depending on equity of location of games during round robin play and/or whether or not both teams (men/women) from the same school are playing.