Welcome to the 58 teams joining us this weekend for Hoops Classic 2020! Follow the games and plays on Twitter, plus live-streaming, and action photos


It started with less than a dozen in ‘96

This Classic enters play with 58 in the mix


All vying to dethrone San Gabriel from the land of So Cal

To stop Forest Lake in a Battle Royale


To halt Macedonian in its run up from the Valley Grande

And to displace Miami Union from the victor's stand


Your mission is set and it's absolutely clear

After all it is 2020 and everyone envisions starring in a new premiere


Hope you've prepared, been tested and tried

Now you must play on all cylinders and hit your stride


I pray your game speaks volumes as you hone your craft

Remember to add the name, Christian, as you stamp your undeniable autograph


A big Texas welcome as you hoop in the 25th

May the talents God loaned you be legendary and not just a myth


                                                                                     In Him we play,


                                                                            James The

                                                                                                     Vice President for Student Services


Jan. 22 - 25, 2020

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Deals in Keene


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