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Backpacks in Vietnam – A Brief Guide

People often talk of backpacking, but often miss out the vital aspect of backpacking – backpacks. These are not just packs you carry on your back. Backpacks come in various sizes and types and the more you know about them, the better. Traveling in Vietnam becomes a lot easier and enjoyable when you aren’t nursing a hurt back or haven’t already collapsed from the weight of your luggage. People indulge in varied types of traveling adventures – backpacking, hiking, camping, day trips or stay at hotels in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City etc. Each one of these requires different types of luggage.

The right kind of backpack can ensure that you have a good time on your travels without any painful inconvenience caused by luggage. Backpacks are also called rucksacks, knapsacks or packs. Depending on the use of the backpacks, one may opt for any kind of backpack. These types vary in terms of features, size, style and capacity.

For day trips, daypacks are the best choice. As the name suggests, these packs are suitable for hikes that last a day and no longer. They are light and comparatively smaller than other backpacks. Daypacks have shoulder straps and hip belts too at times, which reduce the weight on the shoulder.

Their capacity is generally lesser than that of other larger backpacks. Hydration packs are special type of backpacks used by hikers, mountain climbers, bicyclists, skiers etc. These packs have a plastic sac like a bladder; it is a built-in storage of water. The carrier of the backpack can drink water via a hose. These backpacks usually hold up to 3 liters of water.

They are also known as camelbacks, after their most popular manufacturers, CamelBack. Material of good and durable quality is essential for backpacks due to the heavy weight they hold. Generally, canvas or nylon is the most popular choice for backpacks.

Ripstop nylon, one of the best fabrics for backpacks, is resistant to tearing and ripping (as the name suggests.) Another durable variety of nylon is Cordura, which is strong and designed for resistance to tears and scratches. It is important to ensure that the backpack bought for any kind of traveling – short or long trips – is strong and of good quality. In addition, it helps if one tests backpacks for water resistance. In case of rain showers, or river crossing, waterproof backpacks come in very handy. Arm yourself with knowledge about backpacks before venturing to buy one.

Exciting Vietnam

A media campaign dubbed “Exciting Vietnam” was launched yesterday as among the activities Vietnam would undertake to boost the country’s tourism. The launch was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, international organizations and media agencies. Through this campaign, Vietnam aims to promote itself as a safe, friendly, attractive and exciting tourist destination, according to Culture, Sports and Tourism Deputy Minister Ho Anh Tuan. The campaign covers 14 events, which will be staged by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam Tourism Association in conjunction with Vietnam Airlines, Saigon Tourism, GetVietnamVisa and tourism enterprises. “Representatives from media outlets inside and outside Vietnam will be invited to attend press trips or farm trips to the country under the campaign that features the slogan, “Vietnam - A safe, friendly, attractive destination” he said. The campaign also involves bringing into the country representatives from travel agencies of Vietnam’s key and potential markets, including Japan, South Korea and Russia. “Popular destinations including Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Hoi An, Nha Trang and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City may be included to the trip itineraries,” said Nguyen Manh Cuong, Deputy Director of Viet Nam Administration of Tourism. Last year, Vietnam received 7.57 million international tourists and recorded 32.5 million domestic tourists, generating income of 200 trillion dong (US$9.4 billion). During the first half of this year, the number of international tourists hit 4.28 million, while domestic tourists reached 23.4 million. Total income from tourism during the six-month period hit 125 trillion VND ($5.8 billion). These represented an increase of 22 per cent from year-ago level. Vietnam has 330,000 rooms for tourist accommodation, 1,300 travel agencies and more than 8,000 tourist guides who can speak various languages throughout the country. The total number of labors serving the sector was estimated at 1.8 million. Earlier this week, the tourism sector launched a promotion program with the theme “Vietnamese people travel around Vietnam. During difficult periods, inbound tourism is the driving force supporting sustainable growth of the domestic tourism sector,” Nguyen Van Tuan, director of the administration said. The program called on all Vietnamese people to promote domestic travel, especially to some key destinations including mountains, islands and difficult areas.

travel with cheap airfare

In today’s busy world the airline industry relies on many factors that affect airfare prices for all of us that travel. So, it’s important to shop around to find the best and cheapest airfare along with package deals that might include hotel, rental cars, Vietnam visa on arrival and tours. The best thing to keep in mind is that these are only tips that will help in finding cheap airfare deals.
Individuals that travel should be flexible when it comes to which day of the week, what time of the day, and flying on a holiday can always save you even more money. Airfare is cheaper when you fly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday unless it’s for a long business trip then it’s better to leave on a Saturday. Also, when you fly early in the morning for example 5:00 am or red eye, which is usually in the time frame between 1:00 am to 5:00 are normally cheaper because no one wants to be at the airport at that time in the morning. The next tip to find cheap airfare is checking out individual airlines. The airlines have good deals on their own websites and many offer special frequent flyers miles that can be cashed in for a ticket or discounts. Shop around if there is more than one airport near to where you live, the different airports can be cheaper that the other depending on where you are going.
By using the internet to compare prices and local travel agencies they may have cheaper airfares or discounts for travelers to save even more money, such as, for families, groups with Vietnam visa, couples, and business. By using this method, it is proven that people will spend a lot less money than going through the usual airlines.
Another tip to buy cheaper airfares is buying tickets at the last minute, because airlines need to fill their planes and during this time they offer special deals for last minutes flyers. Travel agencies specifically deal with students because they are the most targeted to receive student discounts because they are usually trying to pay for school so, they need more discounts then the regular flyers. However, in order to receive these discounts, the students have to bring a recent ID from their school or college. Customers that use the same airlines a couple times a year should sign up for frequent flyer and reward programs along with many major credit cards.