Letter from the Dean


    The fall semester started earlier than usual this year for the men's residence halls RA's and staff as we welcomed 12 incoming freshmen who were taking part in the first CORE enrichment program a full 3 weeks earlier. The cleaning and maintenance work of the summer seemed like a distant memory once it was time to welcome back the students into the residence halls. The men's residence hall was thrilled that our fall enrollment was up 18% compared to last years fall enrollment. The new freshmen have brought with them an energy that had been missing from the residence hall and although the halls and lobby may be a little louder late at night, it is a great problem to have. Once everyone was moved in and the parents had said their goodbyes, we started the fun with our annual back to school BBQ, along with picnic games and prize giveaways in front of Miller Hall.  From there the semester seemed like a blur as we turned our attention to our nightly worships and our men's club activities which included games of flag football, earth ball and one very muddy game of ultimate Frisbee that finished up around the 230am mark one Saturday night/Sunday morning.  For many the highlight of the fall semester came before Thanksgiving break when the men's residence hall hosted the 3rd annual Miller Hall Turkey Bowling Challenge. The students donate can goods in exchange for worship points and then those cans are used to create food baskets for the less fortunate. This year we collected a record 325 cans! The festivities then begin as we transform the lobby stairs into a bowling alley and roll a frozen turkey down the stairs into a set of pins. We have snacks and drinks as well as money, prizes and trophies for the winners. It is one of the most popular events we have in the residence hall. The next few weeks following Thanksgiving were relatively quiet, with the exception of the ice storm and the ensuing late night hot tub party, as the students shifted their focus to finals and finishing the semester out strong. Fall semester seemed to fly by as all semesters seem to do, hopefully Spring semester can deliver as much fun and excitement as we had this fall.

-Dean Iverson